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The Clean Energy Jobs Bill which was passed in 2016 was vetoed!  Let your legislators know that you support a veto override at the beginning of the 2017 General Assembly.

The Clean Energy Jobs Bill, SB921/HB1106 became the Clean Energy--Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Revision Bill, HB1106.  It passed the House 92-43 and the Senate 31-14, both veto proof majorities.  The bill would raise Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirement to 25% by 2020, up from the current goal of 20% by 2022.  You can find a record of the House votes here.  The Senate votes are here.  Please take a moment to thank your legislators who voted for this very important bill and encourage all of your legislators to support the veto override at the beginning of the 2017 Maryland General Assembly Session, which convenes on January 11th.

The House leadership removed the provisions of the original bill that provided for a fund to support workforce development and minority- and women-owned businesses in the clean energy sector.  They planned to include these provisions in a separate, comprehensive workforce bill.  We will continue our efforts to couple this renewable energy expansion with an unprecedented, multi-million dollar investment into job training and minority- and women-owned business development in the clean energy industry in the communities that need them most.

Over half of Maryland’s electricity still comes from carbon emitting fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas. These dirty fuels are bad for our health, our economy, our climate, and our energy security. 75% of Marylanders live in areas that received a D or F air quality grade for ozone pollution from the American Lung Association and the state notoriously has some of the worst ground-level ozone pollution in the eastern U.S.  As the state that is the third most vulnerable in America to sea-level rise driven by climate change and with the worst air quality on the east coast, we need to continue efforts  to curb our dependence on fossil fuels. Clean energy has already proven itself to be a powerful driver of economic development in Maryland, creating thousands of new jobs.

Your calls, email, and visits have helped pass some of the strongest clean energy legislation in the country!  Now, more than ever, we must continue to work for legislation in Maryland that will help protect our environment. Thank you for all that you do!

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