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Ballot Issues 2024

In addition to the candidates running for office, voters get to vote on measures, some of which are state constitutional amendments, and others were laws passed that some seek to overturn by referendum of the voters. As stated on the State Board of Elections website: 

Constitutional Amendment

From the 2023 Legislative Session there will be one ballot question to appear on the November 5, 2024 general election ballots. During the 2024 Legislative Session additional questions may be added. The Secretary of State is responsible for preparing and certifying the statewide ballot question language not later than Friday, August 2, 2024.

This important amendment was strongly supported by UULM-MD, as it enshrines the provisions of Roe v. Wade in our State Consitution.  As we did with marriage equality in 2012, we will be mobilizing Maryland UUs to get the word out about this amendment and urging voters to pass it. Stay tuned for our UU the Vote efforts and step up to make your views heard.

Here is the text that will be on the ballot:

"That every person, as a central component of an individual's rights to liberty and equality, has the fundamental right to reproductive freedom, including but not limited to the ability to make and effectuate decisions to prevent, continue, or end one's own pregnancy. The state may not, directly or indirectly, deny, burden, or abridge the right unless justified by a compelling state interest achieved by the least restrictive means."

  • ✅  "yes" vote supports adding a new article to the Maryland Constitution's Declaration of Rights establishing a right to reproductive freedom, defined to include "the ability to make and effectuate decisions to prevent, continue, or end one's own pregnancy."

  • □  A "no" vote opposes amending the state constitution to establish a right to reproductive freedom

Local Ballot Issues

Ballot issues proposed for specific counties will include authorizing the county/city to issue bonds for certain purposes (e.g. affordable housing and school construction in Baltimore City) , or amending the county charter for various reasons.

Once these local ballot issues are known, we will post them here.

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