Gun Violence and the 2020 Session

As bills are introduced, we will provide bill numbers and links to the actual bill text.

Bills We are Supporting:

Handgun Permit Review Board On January 30, both houses of the General Assembly overrode the Governor Hogan ’s veto of the bill to repeal the Handgun Permit Review Board, which had been used to override State Police denials of carry permits, and to direct all appeals to the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). 

The Maryland chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is supporting HB 4/SB 208: Background checks for Rifles & Shotguns, which would close a loophole in the background check process for long gun (rifle and shotgun) transfers by requiring a licensed firearms dealer to facilitate private long gun sales. While it will not require long gun owners to get a license, it will result in tens of thousands of additional background checks conducted.

Child Access Prevention (HB 636/SB 646)
 Legislation is needed to strengthen existing safe storage requirements applicable to firearms that are potentially accessible to an unsupervised child. Unsecured firearms in the home increase the risk of unintentional shootings, homicide, and suicide. The bill modifies the current law by: – increasing the age of a “child” from under 16 to under 18; – requiring that guns are locked by an external safety lock, by an integrated mechanical safety device or in a safe storage depository (lockbox); and – adding a potential penalty of imprisonment not to exceed two years. This bill will reinforce gun owners’ accountability and responsibility for the safe storage of firearms.

Untraceable Firearms (HB 910/SB 958) Legislation is needed to ban all untraceable guns, including 3D printed guns and firearms assembled by kits.

  • 3D-Printed Guns, which are plastic guns capable of shooting live ammunition and made in a 3D printer.

  • Ghost Guns which are kits containing guns that are nearly complete and capable of creating weapons that lack serial numbers.

These weapons are assembled in a manner that circumvents our state and federal gun laws. They have no serial number and are therefore incredibly difficult to trace when used in a crime and can circumvent Maryland ’s regulated firearm registry. The exploitation of existing laws not only makes crimes more difficult to solve, but it makes it easier for domestic abusers and criminals to gain access to firearms.

For more information, please contact the acting Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Co-Chairs Jan Bird and Steve Buckingham at​.

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