Immigration and the 2021 Session

In the 2020 General Assembly session, we advocated for passage of seven bills. In this 2021 session, the UULM-MD Immigration Task Force, along with its partner organizations, -- CASA De MarylandACLU-Maryland, Congregation Action Network, UU’s for Soclal Justice, Jews United for Justice – expect to advocate for the enactment of the following four (4) bills:   

(As bills are introduced, we will provide bill numbers and links to the actual bill text.)


The Maryland Trust Act - HB 304 / SB 88

This bill will limit police partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS)Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) (including 287g programs). Specifically, it will prevent law enforcement officers and agencies from:

  • Inquiring about a person’s immigration status

  • Detaining an individual on behalf of ICE

  • Notifying or transferring an individual to ICE custody

The bill will protect immigrants from coercion, so that community members can call on law enforcement officers without fear of harassment.

Additionally, the bill requires the Maryland Attorney General to establish guidance regarding the presence of ICE and immigration enforcement on the premises of schools, hospitals and courthouses, known as sensitive locations, for which DHS has a stated policy.

Learn more: Trust Act Teach-In Slideshow                CASA Trust Act Flyer: 

Dignity Not Detention - HB 16 / SB 478

Immigration detention in the United States has become a lucrative business where people are treated not as humans, but as profitable assets. There are three local government detention centers in Maryland that have contracts with ICE to detain immigrants – in Frederick, Howard and Worcester Counties. This bill will end these contracts and end the state and local governments’ role in the building and operating of public or private immigration detention centers in Maryland.

Learn more: Dignity Not Detention Teach-In Slideshow            CASA Dignity Not Detention Flyer

Limiting Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Data Sharing With ICE - HB 23 / SB 234

Recent research has exposed rampant sharing of information between state Departments of Motor Vehicles and ICE. In states like Maryland that have granted driving privileges to undocumented immigrants, ICE has found fertile ground to target, detain and deport residents. This bill will prevent ICE from being allowed to search through personal information of Maryland drivers without explicit authorization from a judge.

Learn more MVA Data Sharing With ICE Teach-In Slideshow               CASA MVA Sharing w/ICE

Universal Representation - SB 317 / HB 750

Immigrants who must appear before an immigration court do not have a right to government-appointed counsel which, in most cases, leads to devastating outcomes for them and their families. This bill will ensure that immigrants in detention and who face deportation will have access to counsel.

Learn more: Universal Representation Teach In Slideshow           CASA Universal Representation


The effectiveness of UULM-MD’s statewide advocacy work is impossible without the involvement of UUs and other Marylanders.


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