• Rev. Alexa

Building a Movement, Not A Moment.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that “Compassion Week Feb 1-7” and Lobby Day will not be held this year as our sponsors have informed us that it is unlikely that our Bill will be introduced this year.

While it was our goal to proceed and maintain our momentum, we were informed that our partners in the legislature will focus on tackling the COVID-19 crisis and bills proposed to address the impact of an inequitable criminal justice system.

I’ll be candid: this is hard news for me, too. But it is in these moments that I have to remind myself that what we are building is a movement, not a moment.

As this cause’s biggest champions and ethical fountainhead, our partners of Unitarian Universalist faith have been critical in lifting this issue from kitchen table conversations to Maryland’s State House in Annapolis. Know that I value you and remain eternally grateful for your outspoken advocacy.

Make no mistake: we will win. You know--maybe more than I do--that this is a long march that we’re on and that our cause is just. While we have experienced deflating setbacks in our time, it is my hope that you remain as committed as I am to our mantra: The Time Is Now!

Rev. Alexa - UULM Task Force Lead

Donna Smith MD/DC Area Director Compassion and Choices

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