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Climate Change

Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 was passed and allowed to become law without Governor Hogan's signature. Here is an over view of this important legislation (SB 528) (thanks to the League of Environmental Voters!):

  • Sets goals for Maryland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2031 and to reach net-zero emissions by 2045. These emissions targets are the nation’s most ambitious, but they are achievable with the right policies and investments.

  • Drives the development of a new building energy performance standard that will require larger buildings to become all electric and move away from using oil or gas for heat and hot water. This step is needed because buildings account for nearly 20 percent of the greenhouse gasses generated in Maryland.

  • Provides resources to finance innovative clean-energy strategies and complement private investment. These investments will demonstrate new approaches for accelerating the move to clean energy and include a requirement that 40 percent of these resources are invested in low-to moderate neighborhoods.

  • Starts planning for a smart electric grid equipped to handle our expanded use of clean energy.

  • Requires that by 2030, each procurement unit of the state ensures that 75 percent of the electricity procured for use in state facilities comes from no- or low-carbon sources.

  • Establishes an electric school bus pilot program to include the partnership between the electric companies and school districts to allow the electric companies to use excess storage from the bus batteries. (also HB 696/SB 948)

  • Requires each county Board of Education to purchase only electric school buses after 2025 (if there is funding available).

  • Requires the electrification of the state fleet by 2031 and light-duty vehicles by 2036. (also HB 94)

A heartfelt thank you for your continued support in working against climate change and advancing Environmental Justice in Maryland. Yours in faith and justice, Phil Webster Lead Advocate for Climate Change

Please enjoy this video from the UU Kids for a Livable Planet and feel free to share it with your lawmakers. Campaign Manager, Montana Monardes did a great job with it!




  • SB 528 – Climate Solutions Now – enacted without Governor’s signature

  • HB 778 and SB 514 – Transportation – Investment Program – MARC Rail Service veto overridden

  • SB 228 – Maryland Corps Program – Revisions [includes new Civilian Climate Corps] enacted without Governor’s signature

Passed (awaiting Governor’s action)

  • HB 108 / SB 524 - Public Utilities - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs - Energy Performance Targets and Low-Income Housing

  • HB 540 / SB 437 - Agriculture - University of Maryland Extension - Urban Farmer Assistance

  • HB 10 and SB 61 - Maryland Transit Administration - Conversion to Zero-Emission Buses (Zero-Emission Bus Transition Act Revisions)

  • HB 141 - Equity in Transportation Sector - Guidelines and Analyses

  • HB 31 / SB 256 - Maryland Energy Administration - Resiliency Hub Grant Program and Fund

  • SB 630 – Maryland Department of Emergency Management - Office of Resilience – Passed

  • HB 275 / SB 273 - Environment – PFAS Chemicals – Prohibitions and Requirements (George “Walter” Taylor Act) – Passed

  • SB 124 - Public Schools – Grant Program to Reduce and Compost School Waste – Passed

  • HB 440 - Electricity - Community Solar Energy Generating Systems - Net Energy Metering and Generating Capacity

  • HB 76 – Community Solar Energy Generating Systems - Exemption From Property Taxes

  • HB 1039 / SB 860 - Property Tax - Community Solar Energy Generating Systems - Agrivoltaics

  • HB 653 / SB 348 - Conservation Finance Act

  • HB 772 – Maryland Energy Administration - Energy and Water Efficiency Standards – Alterations

  • HB 1200 - Environment – Permit Applications – Environmental Justice Screening

  • HB 1391 – Clean Cars Act of 2022 – Passed

  • HB 696 - Public Utilities - Electric School Bus Pilot Program

  • SB 526 - Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard and Renewable Energy Credits - Offshore Wind

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