• Stephen Buckingham

Governor's Vetoes Overridden

In a series of votes on December 6 and 7, the Maryland General Assembly overrode Governor Hogan's vetoes of five UULM-MD priority bills passed during the 2021 Regular Session. By law, the House Bills were first considered by the House of Delegates, and the Senate Bills were first considered by the Senate, before the other chambers completed the process of overriding, thereby enacting the following bills:

The 2021 Special Session will shortly conclude, once they complete passage of the bills containing maps for electing Maryland's eight congressional representatives. The lawmakers have chosen the maps drawn by the General Assembly's bipartisan Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission over those drawn by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission appointed by Governor Hogan.

The General Assembly must also choose a new State Treasurer to serve on the State Board of Public Works, alongside the Governor and Comptroller.

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