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Prescription Drug Affordability Initiative Resolution

Our Partner Organization, Health Care for All is collecting names of supporting organizations to add to a Resolution which would encourage the support of the General Assembly and the Governor for the Prescription Drug Affordability Board. UULM-MD has signed as have a number of UU congregations or groups within congregations. You can find out who has signed by clicking here to see if your Congregation or Social Action Committee signed the pledge?  Each congregation responds differently to requests like this and it is often the Social Justice Committee that responds.   If you have a questions, contact healthcare@uulmmd.org Background:  Last year, UULM-MD supported the passage of the 2019 Maryland Prescription Drug Affordability Board to help make all drugs, including brand name and specialty drugs more affordable.   This Board is the first in the U.S. and will have pharmaceutical companies justify why they are charging such high prices. It will serve as a watchdog for Maryland patients and work to lower the costs of drugs in our state.  Initially the provisions will only cover employees of state and local governments but it is anticipated that it will expand after its success is demonstrated to the MD General Assembly.    In 2020 legislation is being introduced which will accelerate the Board's plans to institute an assessment on pharmaceutical manufacturers and supply chain members.    This resolution will help gain the support of legislators.  You can help by reaching out to your congregation's appropriate contact plus to businesses, civic groups, and other organizations to sign. Click here for more information.


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