• Stephen Buckingham

Honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Promoting Social Justice in MD

Last Wednesday, the General Assembly reconvened under much of the same Covid-inspired restrictions as last year. Despite (or maybe because of) these limitations, Marylanders can make their voices heard through electronic media, and UULM-MD is ready to help everyone participate in governing our state. No longer do we drive to Annapolis to be heard; we have telephones, email, texting, social media and Zoom meetings with lawmakers to get our message across.

The first bill hearings are scheduled for the coming week, and our Issue Advocacy Teams are already preparing written testimony for the following week when five (5) of our priority bills will be heard. Ahead of the hearings, our Issue Teams are asking all of us to express our support (see below). Now is the time to speak up and prepare the committees to act favorably.

This week we are remembering the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, who insisted on only peaceful means of raising awareness and forcing Americans to acknowledge the ongoing sin of a nation “built on stolen lands by stolen people.”1 We are mindful that it has been just year after a mob stormed the US Capitol attempting to overthrow democracy, and our country needs to hold accountable those who incite or use violence to effect an insurrection, while honoring those who use peaceful protest and civil disobedience to bring about transformative change. We rededicate ourselves today to the pursuit of justice and reconciliation to bring about the changes needed in our State and our Nation. We honor Dr. King by promoting state policies that advance social justice.

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