• Jim Caldiero


The Healthy Babies Equity Act (HB 1080) will become law in July. The bill passed both houses of the General Assembly with veto-proof override majorities, but they were not needed as Gov. Hogan allowed the bill to become law without his signature. Maryland now joins 17 other states with similar medical assistance provisions for undocumented mothers and babies (who, by the way, because they're born in the US, are citizens.)

While we came close with Probation Not Deportation and did not succeed with Access to Counsel in Immigration Proceedings or Access to Care, the leadership of the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland sincerely thanks you for your advocacy efforts to advance human rights in our state and to protect our immigrant neighbors.

Our efforts will continue.

You may want to thank your delegates and senators who voted for HB 1080.

You can find out who voted for the bill here:

Delegates - Voting Report (maryland.gov) Senators - Voting Report (maryland.gov)

A heartfelt thank you for your continued support of immigrants' rights and for advancing justice in Maryland.

Yours in faith and justice,

Jim Caldiero

Lead Advocate, Immigration, UU Legislative Ministry of MD



  • HB 1080 - Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Children and Pregnant Women (Healthy Babies Equity Act) – enacted without Governor’s signature

Failed to Pass

  • HB 559 - Probation Before Judgment - Probation Agreements - Probation Not Deportation – Passed House, but failed to get final passage on Senate Floor

  • HB 114 / SB 129 - Access to Counsel in Immigration Proceedings Program – no vote in either committee

  • HB 1035 / SB 728 - Health Insurance - Qualified Resident State Subsidy Program (Access to Care Act) – no vote in either committee

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