• Stephen Buckingham

In the June 2 Primary, Your Vote Matters!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020, is Primary Election Day in both Maryland and Pennsylvania, and every vote is important. At stake are the Democratic and Republican nominations for President of the United States, delegates to party conventions, members of Congress, and various state and/or local offices.

Both states have made adjustments for the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing voting by mail to avoid crowds at polling stations. However, there are differences. The Maryland State Board of Elections has sent mail-in ballots to every person registered before the May 27 deadline, while Pennsylvania required voters to apply for mail-in ballots that were received by May 26th.

In both states, there are polling places for those who cannot vote by mail or who prefer in-person voting despite the health risks.


· Specific information is available online: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2020/index.html

· To track your mail-in ballot, look it up at Voter Services: https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/VoterSearch

· If you did not mail your ballot, designated drop-off locations are listed here: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2020/20_PP_Vote%20Centers_and_Drop%20off%20Locations.pdf

· To find your polling place, check here: https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/PollingPlaceSearch


· Specific information is available online: http://www.votesPA.com

· To track your mail-in ballot, look it up at https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/Pages/BallotTracking.aspx

· Designated drop-off locations in some counties: https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Documents/2020Primary-County-DropLocations.pdf (some are different from polling places, so check your county Election office: https://www.votespa.com/Resources/Pages/Contact-Your-Election-Officials.aspx)

· A list of polling places may be found here: https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Pages/Voting-at-a-Polling-Place.aspx

Make sure to vote. Your Vote Matters!

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