• Stephen Buckingham

Long Gun Bills Advancing!

On Monday, March 2, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee issued a favorable report on both HB 4 and SB 208 Public Safety - Rifles and Shotguns - Secondary Transactions with amendments, and the full Senate will now vote on them this week. In fact, the vote on Second Reading (where floor amendments may be proposed) will occur on March 5, 2020, at the Senate's 10:00 am session. We need every UULM-MD member to immediately contact their own Senator and ask them to vote for these bills. To find your Senator, click here.

If passed, these companion bills will include long guns in the requirement for background checks before purchase or transfer of the firearm. The Senate JPR Committee accepted all of the positive amendments to HB 4 that the House had adopted, and added two more that do not weaken the bill. (One clarifies that family members include stepgrandparent and stepgrandchildren, and one provides civil immunity for "personal injury or property damage resulting from the malfunctioning of a rifle or shotgun if the licensee did not modify" it.) If passed by the Senate, HB 4 will go back to the House to accept these new amendments before it can become law. SB 208 now looks exactly like HB 4.

Please act now! Time is of the essence.

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