• Ashley Egan

"Maryland, My Maryland"

On August 8th Maryland Congressional Representative Jamie Raskin, a long-time friend of UULM-MD, posted a tweet about the Maryland State Song. "For 80 years, Maryland has had a dismally racist, pro-Confederate State Song which calls Lincoln a 'tyrant.'" Rep. Raskin wrote new lyrics and collaborated with UU composer Steve Jones, pianist with the DC Labor Chorus, on a new State Song. It was soon released, featuring PG County’s Northwestern High School student London Mevaa, soloist.

UULM-MD Co-Vice Chair Rev. Diane Teichert has been working with Congressmember Raskin and Steve Jones to create a virtual choral version to be premiered at the UULM-MD Legislative Kick Off on January 23rd, 2021.

If you would like to contribute to this exciting project, we are accepting donations which will go to pay for the choral arrangement, piano accompaniments, the mixing and video-editing to produce a joint UU-labor effort, with singers from more than ten UU congregations in Maryland, the DC Labor Chorus, and the Charm City Labor Chorus in Baltimore.

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