• Stephen Buckingham

More Priority Bills Achieve Final Passage

Several more priority bills have now passed the Maryland General Assembly and are on their way to the Governor.

Climate Change

· HB 768 - Community Choice Energy – Pilot

· HB 114 - Transit Safety and Investment Act


· SB 514 and HB 565 - Medical Debt Protection

Criminal Justice

· HB 89 - Diminution Credits – Education

A chance at a Gun Violence victory

In addition, we have learned that the House Judiciary Committee has taken a bill to protect the right of those who use marijuana to possess firearms (SB 190) and grafted onto it the provisions of SB 624 to deal with untraceable and undetectable firearms. If the bill is passed in this form by the House, it could become law if the Senate concurs with the amendments.

As additional bills make it through the process to final passage, we will report it here.

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