• Stephen Buckingham

Priority Bills Are Moving!

On March 11, The following bills came out of committee (with amendments): [priority bills are in Bold]

HB 1219 Correctional Services - Parole - Life Imprisonment [Parole Reform]

HB 196 Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Establishment of a State-Based Health Insurance Subsidies Program

HB 1100 Prescription Drug Affordability Board - Meetings, Legal Advisor, and Technical Changes

SB 669 Public Health - Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Fund

SB 872 Health Insurance - Consumer Protections

SB 646 Public Safety - Access to Firearms - Storage Requirements

SB 649 Public Information Act - Motor Vehicle Administration - Warrant for Personal Information and Reporting

HB 577 Justice Reinvestment Act – Modifications

In addition, the following passed second reading on the House Floor:

HB 812 Correctional Services - Diminution Credits - Education

HB 979 Correctional Services - Inmate Cost-of-Living Report - Maryland Correctional Enterprises Diversity Report

HB 1629 Office of the Attorney General - Firearm Crime - Study

HB 488 Crimes - Mitigation - Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation

HB 801 Correctional Services - Prerelease Unit for Women - Facilities and Services (Gender-Responsive Prerelease Act)

The following passed third reading on the House or Senate Floor:

HB 706 Commission on LGBTQ Affairs - Established

HB 1029 Clean Energy Jobs - Workforce Development - Scope

SB 656 Utility Regulation - Consideration of Climate and Labor

HB 403 Immigration Enforcement - Public Schools, Hospitals, and Courthouses – Policies

These are ALL positive actions. Things are moving!

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