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Priority Bills are Moving Quickly!

With the Cross File deadline looming on March 16th, things are moving quickly. We are constantly updating our spreadsheet as well.

Today, the following bills were reported out of committee and will be on the House or Senate Floor as soon as tomorrow: Priority bills are in bold

HB 1078                Public Safety - Education - Firearm Funding (No Funding for Firearms Act)

HB 368                 Maryland Transit Administration - Funding (Transit Safety and Investment Act)

HB 561                 Electric Industry - Community Choice Energy

HB 1300                Blueprint for Maryland's Future – Implementation (Senate Committee approved)

SB 872                   Health Insurance - Consumer Protections

Also, the following bills have now passed second reading in the House and should get final approval as early as tomorrow:

HB 591                  Public Safety - Lost or Stolen Regulated Firearm - Reporting

HB 812                  Correctional Services - Diminution Credits - Education

HB 979                  Correctional Services - Inmate Cost-of-Living Report - Maryland Correctional Enterprises Diversity Report

HB 1629                Office of the Attorney General - Firearm Crime - Study

HB 196                  Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Assessment Applicability and Report on State-Based Individual Market Health Insurance Subsidies

HB 488                  Crimes - Mitigation - Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation

HB 577                  Justice Reinvestment Act - Modifications

HB 801                  Correctional Services - Prerelease Unit for Women - Facilities and Services (Gender-Responsive Prerelease Act)

HB 1100                Prescription Drug Affordability Board - Meetings, Legal Advisor, Reports, and Technical Changes

SB 669                   Public Health - Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Fund

The following bills were brought up on second reading today in the Senate and were laid over until tomorrow:

SB 684                   Correctional Services - Prerelease Unit for Women - Facilities and Services (Gender-Responsive Prerelease Act)

SB 646                   Public Safety - Access to Firearms - Storage Requirements

SB 649                   Public Information Act - Motor Vehicle Administration - Warrant for Personal Information and Reporting

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