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Priority Bills Moving!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

This week saw a number of bills reported out of Senate and House committees, including some of our priorities:

The Senate Judicial Proceedings approved both HB 4 and its companion bill, SB 208 Public Safety - Rifles and Shotguns - Secondary Transactions - with amendments, and they have passed the full Senate on Second Reader. The next step is Third Reader and final passage on the Senate Floor, at which time both bills will go to the House for consideration of the amendments. If the House accepts the Senate amendments to HB 4, it will be final and ready to go to the Governor for signature (or veto).

Another priority bill passed the House on Friday, March 6 and has been sent to the Senate, where its companion bill is still awaiting action. HB 1300 Blueprint for Maryland's Future - Implementation - to implement the Kerwin Recommendations, survived numerous floor amendments and was approved on a vote of 96 to 41.

One bill that has passed the Senate and been sent to the House is SB 124 Maryland Health Benefit Exchange – Assessment Applicability and State–Based Health Insurance Subsidies Program. If approved by the House, the measure would initiate subsidies to individuals in need who obtain coverage through the Maryland Exchange.

Two other bills have been reported out favorably by their committees and will be on the House Floor as early as Monday:

  • HB 403 Immigration Enforcement - Public Schools, Hospitals, and Courthouses - Policies was given a Favorable Report by the Judiciary Committee

  • HB 959 Health Insurance - Consumer Protections was voted out Favorably with Amendments by the Health & Government Operations Committee

With the Committee Reporting Date and the Crossover Date looming, we are still watching 98 bills that have been heard in comittee and are awaiting a vote. 52 of these are priority bills, and most are cross-filed, so there are still 26 priority measures waiting for a vote.

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