• Stephen Buckingham

Recent Board Members’ Worship Services Available by Video

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

While fully engaged with our review and reorganization work over the Interim, two of our Board members managed to put together worship services related to our efforts at UULM-MD. Both were presented on August 29, and videos are now available for viewing:

  • “The Power of Symbols” by Co-Vice Chair Rev. Diane Teichert at Paint Branch mentioned UULM-MD’s role in producing the choral video of a State Song replacement by US Rep. Jamie Raskin and our role along with coalition partners in passing much-needed criminal justice reform legislation.

  • “Crossing the Great Divide” by Chair Stephen Buckingham at Frederick on why it is important to reach out to those with differing political opinions and how to do so effectively.

Both of these services are now available through our “Videos” tab on our website (https://www.uulmmd.org/videos). We encourage people to watch both of them to gain greater insight into our activities. Should anyone else provide a service related to our work, we would be happy to post information about it and feature it in future Digests.

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