• Stephen Buckingham

Session Enters New Phase

With the state of emergency declared in Maryland due to the coronavirus pandemic, the General Assembly has implemented new measures to reduce its spread. From now on, there will be no public hearings or voting sessions on any bills. However, we are still allowed to provide written testimony, and we are doing so for the few remaining bill hearings.

In addition, the lawmakers are rushing to get as much accomplished as possible in case they need to adjourn the 2020 session early. This means that both chambers are working over the weekends, holding multiple committee voting sessions and floor sessions throughout. To keep you informed, we have been updating our Current Status of Priority Bills multiple times every day. At the time of this blog post, our latest update reflects the changes from the morning floor sessions of both chambers. Check back each day to see what is new.

This is the time for us to be contacting our lawmakers to vote favorably on all of the priority bills that have been heard but have not yet received a vote. Please use this link to identify which bills are in which committees so that you can contact your Senator and Delegates on each committee.

Thank you for your continued support. We can still make a difference from home!

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