• Stephen Buckingham

Sine Die Results

Several more important bills passed on the last day of the session before adjounrment sine die at midnight, Monday night. Here are the bills we were supporting on that day (priorities are in bold):

Passed on the Final Day:

Climate Change

  • SB 630 – Maryland Department of Emergency Management - Office of Resilience – Passed

  • HB 275 / SB 273 - Environment – PFAS Chemicals – Prohibitions and Requirements (George “Walter” Taylor Act) – Passed

  • SB 124 - Public Schools – Grant Program to Reduce and Compost School Waste – Passed

  • HB 1391 – Clean Cars Act of 2022 – Passed

Health Care

  • SB 632 - Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Small Business and Nonprofit Health Insurance Subsidies Program – Workgroup – Passed

Failed to Pass

Climate Change

  • SB 81 – Charter Counties - Enforcement of Local Building Performance Laws (Building Energy Performance Standards Act of 2022) – Passed Senate, but failed for lack of action by House Environment and Transportation Committee


  • HB 559 - Probation Before Judgment - Probation Agreements - Probation Not Deportation – Passed House, but failed to get final passage on Senate Floor before time expired and the General Assembly adjourned

UULM-MD will post a final report shortly, but you can view the results of all our priority bills in the table under Current Status of Priority Legislation or on the 2022 Session pages of each Issue.

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