• Stephen Buckingham

That Was a BIG Turnout!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

With almost 150 million votes cast, the 2020 General Election was the largest election in American history, and we were a part of the massive get-out-the-vote effort that significantly helped create these numbers. Our goal was to expand democracy, especially among marginalized communities, and increase voter participation, and we can be proud of our efforts.

While most races in in Maryland were won by wide margins, and the Presidential margin was decisive, many elections around the country were extremely close, including the vote for President in a few states. Although the official voting ended on November 3, there are still some:

  • Mail-in ballots being received

  • Votes being counted,

  • Winners to be declared,

  • Recounts to be conducted, and

  • Runoffs to choose final winners.

Our outreach was completely non-partisan, and we stayed true to our values by helping people overcome barriers to voting, and to vote their consciences. Working with marginalized communities, youth and new citizens, we helped many people vote for the first time, and their voices were able to be heard.

UULM-MD produced videos, alerts, and a guide on how to talk to nonvoters, posted information on our website, and helped congregations organize for action. As a result, UUs all around the state wrote letters and postcards, made phone calls, sent texts and delivered door hangers to homes, all of which provided timely, accurate information to enable the voice of the people to be heard. We contributed to the massive turnout!

To all who contributed their time, money and effort, we thank you for making democracy work for more Americans. We are deeply grateful.

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