• Montana Monardes

UU Kids for a Livable Planet *NEW* Interactive Video

Did your children miss out on getting involved in the UU Kids for a Livable Planet campaign? Do you have kids or grandkids that care about the environment and might like to participate? Then we have the perfect activity for you and it can be done right from your or their home!

Introducing the UU Kids for a Livable Planet Interactive Video. This is an all-ages creative and interactive session with great environmental info and activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This activity is best done with an adult partner and requires minimal materials that can all be found around your house. The activities get more challenging towards the end so feel free to do whatever works best for your kids/grandkids and skip anything that feels too difficult. Just remember to submit your videos using the submission instructions at the end so they can be included in the campaign and heard by our legislators before their session ends on 4/11! To be included in the final video, please submit by Friday 4/1.

So what are you waiting for, assemble the kids, hit play, and follow along with easy recording instructions to submit your own video to the UU Kids for a Livable Planet Campaign. (Actually, we suggest that the adult watch the video first before assembling the kids).

Just look at what we’ve put out so far

If you have questions after watching the Interactive Video, please contact our campaign manager Montana Monardes at montanamonardes@gmail.com.

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