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UULM-MD Participates in Major Hearings – More Coming

Updated: Feb 21

Last week saw committee hearings on some of UULM-MD's highest priority bills, including the omnibus SB 528 Climate Solutions Now, which received a lot of media coverage. Issue Lead, Dr. Phil Webster provided impressive testimony on behalf of UULM-MD which can be read here. He also submitted testimony on SB 292 to require producers to take steps to increase the reuse, composting and recycling of packaging materials and reduce wasteful packaging.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Advocacy Team provided testimony from Lead Jim Caldiero in support of HB 559, the measure designed to avoid the unintended triggering of deportation for immigrants granted Probation Before Judgment in criminal cases.

Candy Clark, Issue Lead for Criminal Justice, supplied testimony in support of HB 604 to create a Correctional Ombudsman in the Attorney General’s Office and HB 459 - Juvenile Justice Reform.

In support of two bills that UULM-MD supported last year, we also provided testimony in support of HB 8, the Time to Care Act of 2022, and SB 387 to ban Untraceable Firearms.

Voting sessions could be scheduled on these bills at any time, so if you have a Senator or Delegate who sits on one of the relevant committees, now is the time to begin contacting them and asking them to vote in favor. Stay tuned for alerts from the Issue Leads.

In the coming week, we have a big hearing on HB 596 - Constitutional Amendment - Environmental Rights, and our UU Kids for a Livable Planet campaign is ramping up to share the work of kids from around the state through videos, artwork and other compelling testimony. Several other Climate Change bills will also be heard, including:

  • SB 687 - Zero–Emission Truck Act of 2022

  • HB 829 - Department of the Environment – Zero–Emission Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles – Regulations (Zero–Emission Truck Act of 2022)

  • HB 831 - Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Commercial and Residential Buildings

Also up for a hearing is the House version of HB 659 - Firearm Safety – Storage Requirements and Youth Suicide Prevention (Jaelynn’s Law).

The session is heating up, and UULM-MD is in full swing with testimony and lawmaker contacts!

For More Information about our Issues, Check Out Our Digest: https://uulmmd.salsalabs.org/2022-2-21digest-a

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