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Veto Overrides Rescheduled

Veto overrides were postponed until January 30, since not all of the people needed to fill vacancies in the House and Senate have been appointed and sworn into office.

While we await the introduction of most of our priority bills, our attention this week will turn to the floor of both chambers to deal with unfinished business from 2019. On Thursday, Maryland's House and Senate will vote on whether to override the bills that Governor Hogan vetoed at the end of the session last year. Two of these are UULM-MD poriorities:

  • Gun Violence: SB 1000/HB 1343 Handgun Permit Review Board - Repeal - this bill abolishes the politically appointed board that has been routinely overturning decisions by the State Police denying permits to carry handguns. Appeals will instead go to the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) which is the nonpolitical agency with Administrative Law Judges who decide appeals of other administrative agency decisions across the Executive Branch.

  • Immigration: SB 537/HB 262 Dreamer Expansion Act - the 2012 MD DREAM Act offered in-state tuition rates at public colleges, universities and community colleges to undocumented students (Dreamers) if they graduated from a MD high school; the student then had to attend a community college in the county of her high school; the extension removes the requirement that the student must attend a community college in her high school district and can apply directly to a four-year public college or university paying in-state tuition rates. It also removes onerous tax proof requirements and protects DACA and TPS students who may lose their in-state status if the Trump Administration cancels these programs.

Both bills will be brought up for override at the morning session in each chamber on January 30, 2020.

If you have not done so yet, please contact your Senator and ALL of your Delegates and ask them to override the vetoes on the Dream Act Expansion and the repeal of the Handgun Permit Review Board, please do so now! 

Please check the floor votes on each bill to see how your Senator and Delegates voted last year. For those voting "Yea," please thank them for their support last year and ask them to do so again this year. For "Nay" votes, ask them to support it this year.

SB 537 Dream Act Expansion - Senate Floor Vote - House Floor Vote

SB 1000 Handgun Permit Board Repeal - Senate Floor Vote - House Floor Vote

Click below to find your legislator's contact information. 

Contact Your Legislator!!!!

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