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Voting Sessions Take Center Stage

Updated: Mar 21

With the General Assembly session approaching its last month, attention now shifts to committees as they vote on the hundreds of bills they have already heard. While there are still hearings coming up in the next two weeks, there is also a deadline approaching. March 15, is the Committee Reporting Courtesy Date; each Chamber’s committees should report their own bills to the floor of the chamber by this date to have a chance of passage.

As committees scramble to meet this deadline, now is the time to call your lawmakers on specific bills before votes take place. The pace of the session has picked up, and we get little or no prior notice of voting sessions. Please stay tuned for alerts from Issue Teams and act in support of the specific bills when they ask.

UULM-MD Sides with Human Reproductive Rights

Led by former Co-Chairs Betty McGarvie Crowley and Jan Bird, MD, our organization has decided to speak out in support of measures to protect the right of Marylanders to make decisions with regard to their own bodies and whether or not to have children. With the US Supreme Court poised to overturn the case of Roe v. Wade, Maryland lawmakers have introduced legislation to guarantee personal choice in reproductive matters and to provide sufficient resources to assure access to abortion services. Most of these bills have been heard in committee, and the House Health and Government Operations Committee is expected to vote two of them out so that they will reach the House Floor early this week.

Jan Bird is leading our effort from the Health Care Advocacy Team, so stay alert for opportunities to contact your Senator and Delegates in support of these important measures!

Please Check Out Our Digest Here: https://uulmmd.salsalabs.org/2022-03-14-digest-a

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