• Ashley Egan

Week in Review: Criminal Justice Reform

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

So far, we have only had one of our priority bills come before committee. Steve Buckingham gave oral testimony and Candy written. UULM-MD has offered support for HB0051 – Individuals Released from Correctional Facilities – Voter Registration Hearing was Jan.16, 2020

If you have a delegate who is on the House Judiciary Comm, please contact them NOW and ask them to support for HB 51. See the attached testimony for talking points and more details. Even though felons now have the right to vote immediately after release, this bill enables the returning citizen to complete the registration and other paper work more quickly. This is their VOICE heard.

The sister senate bill to this will be held on Tues. Jan 28 at 2pm. If you have a senator on the Justice Proceeding Committee (JPR) Please contact your senator for support after Jan 28.

Coming Soon: Citations

WE also have a bill number and hearing date for our new initiative this year – the Citation Bill HB 261, hearing Tuesday, February 4th at 1pm. Click here to read more about citations or see ( ma4jr.org –Resources – issue briefs 2017. ) This bill previously passed the House, which means it has a good chance of becoming settled law.

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