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What Happens if Roe v Wade were over-turned

If Roe v Wade was overturned, the decision would go back to the states. In Maryland, the General Assembly wrote the provisions of Roe v. Wade into Maryland law in 1991. This past year, the Abortion Access Act, a priority issue for UULM-MD, was passed in this years' General Assembly.

Starting July 1, 2022, the Abortion Care Access Act will make abortion care more accessible for Marylanders by:

  • ensuring that private insurance covers abortion for Marylanders without cost-sharing;

  • providing equity in abortion care coverage for Marylanders covered by Medicaid

  • remove the restriction that allowed only physicians to perform abortions

  • and increase the number of qualified abortion providers (nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and PA's) who can perform the procedure in Maryland by creating a $3.5 million fund for qualified health care practitioners who want to train in abortion care.

Even though, abortion should remain legal here in the Maryland, there are still issues with access. Two-thirds of Maryland counties do not have an abortion provider. Maryland clinics have already had an influx of patients from outside of Maryland. Increasing the number of trained providers will increase access for Marylanders and also for those who do not have access to abortion in their state. This is why increasing the number of qualified abortion providers is incredibly important.

Unfortunately, while the bill is settled law, Governor Hogan (who initially vetoed the bill before his veto was overriden) is using his discretionary budgetary power to withhold the $3.5 million for training this year. Please write to Governor Hogan's Office using the button below and request that he release the funds so that training can begin in July.

#Bans Off Our Bodies

There Will Be A Rally for advocates by

Planned Parenthood in Baltimore at the

War Memorial Plaza

Saturday, May 14

From 12:00 pm to 2:00PM.

If you plan to attend, please e-mail our

Coordinator, Ashley Egan at info@uulmmd.org

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