Climate Change and the 2020 Session

The Maryland General Assembly will consider a number of climate and environmental issues in the 2020 session. Some highlights include reducing Greenhouse Gases and increasing access to mass transportation. As bills are introduced, we will provide bill numbers and links to the actual bill text.


Climate Solutions Act of 2020- Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act (GGRA) Reform - SB 926/HB 1425

  • Brings our greenhouse gas reduction targets in line with leading global science by increasing the 2030 reduction target from 40% to 60% relative to 2011 and establishing a 2045 target for net zero emissions.

  • Requires that 40% of state resources dedicated to emissions reduction be spent in frontline and disadvantaged communities, and establishes labor protections.

  • Requires that the plan follow established science in specific areas (for instance, what qualifies for emissions reductions in areas like transportation).

Transportation, Housing Density and Land Use

Contributes to reduced residential and transportation-based emissions by allowing more people to affordably live in densely-populated areas, legalizing duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes in neighborhoods close to transit and jobs.

Public Transit Funding - HB 368/SB 424

Provides essential support for public transit by increasing by $175 million a year capital funding for the Maryland Transit Administration to close a shortfall identified in the Capital Needs Inventory, so as to improve rider safety and service, and access to local bus, commuter bus, light rail, metro subway, paratransit and MARC.

Electric Buses, Cars, and Infrastructure - HB 432/SB 423

Promotes the increase in electric vehicles required to reduce transportation-based emissions by committing MTA to enter into contracts that only purchase electric buses starting in 2022. Supports expansion of charging stations, especially in multi-unit housing.

Transition from Fossil Fuels - SB 887/HB 1545

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