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Who we are and what we do

Mission Statement

The Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of Maryland (UULM-MD) is a statewide action network of Unitarian Universalists who work to educate, engage, and mobilize UUs to advocate for specific issues before the Maryland General Assembly. Working in coalition with local, state and national organizations, we as UUs promote and affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all, reverence for the interdependent web of all existence, and justice, health and equity in society. We approach each issue through an anti-racism/anti-oppression lens to deepen an understanding of the impact of policies on historically marginalized communities and people of color. [revised 5/20/2021]

Vision Statement

Our work is grounded in the belief that everyone should be able to exercise their basic human rights, to achieve their fullest potential, and to live in a healthy, sustainable environment. We are a covenantal faith, and we ascribe to a principle of supporting each other in our individual searches for truth and meaning. Upon this, a community may be created, one that aspires toward the Beloved Community that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed would achieve reconciliation among people and raise interpersonal relations to a level where justice would prevail and all would attain their full human potential. It is the community that supports, nurtures and helps to define each person’s individuality, and those individuals create, support and constantly redefine the community. [revised 5/20/2021]

Overall Goal

To build the community we seek, we will transform our world from one dominated by a culture of economic self-interest, competition, white supremacy, and paternalism to one that builds cooperative communities that promote the common good and reinforce a society built on mutual obligations. We remind ourselves of the values of our nation’s founders that guide people towards efforts in the public interest, rather than support individualist notions that define human life in terms of fame or material achievement at the expense of others and the environment. We will work to disrupt and dismantle structures that divide people from one another and create disadvantages for individuals and groups based on gender, race, religion, national origin, immigration status, economic status, disability, sexual orientation or identity. We will make space for everyone to participate in society, including its governance. [adopted 5/20/2021]

UULM-MD is you!

UULM-MD is a collective voice of liberal religious values in our state. UULM-MD is comprised of anyone interested in making their voice heard in Annapolis on issues that advance freedom, equality and justice. 

Our work is grounded in the belief that everyone should be able to exercise their basic human rights to achieve their fullest potential and to live in a clean, sustainable environment. In the last decade, UULM-MD has played a significant role in statewide education about and advocacy for marriage equality, environmental protections, increasing the availability of clean energy, death penalty repeal, preventing gun violence, transgender civil rights, increasing the minimum wage, the DREAM Act and advances in health care for all. Unitarian Universalist voices and values are now an integral part of the dialogue in Annapolis, due to dedicated advocacy through this legislative ministry. 

To enhance the effectiveness of our activism, we remain mindful of the strong UU traditions of independent thought and witnessing for human rights, civil liberties and the protection of our environment. Supported and inspired by these beliefs, we work to achieve consensus among our base, then mobilize as advocates for specific Maryland issues. Partnering with like-minded coalitions and organizations as well as working with legislators, UULM-MD provides a voice for UU principles and traditions in the discussion of issues by:

  • Identifying priority legislation and informing Marylanders through issue coordinators and 
    task forces;

  • Providing educational programs, speakers and materials on these issues;

  • Holding an annual meeting for presentation, debate and strategizing on issues to be addressed;

  • Mobilizing and facilitating testimony, writing legislators and witnessing; and

  • Providing updates on the status of bills, hearings and actions.

Our Mission

UULM-MD 2023 Leadership Team

Under the new structure adopted January 22, 2022, the membership a Leadership Team to govern UULM-MD with each Team member assuming specific roles as follows:

  • Convener: Rev. Karen Scrivo

  • Advocacy Lead: Steve Buckingham (UU Congregation of Frederick)

  • Issues Lead: Rev. Diane Teichert (Minister Emerita, Paint Branch UU Church)

  • Treasurer: Jack Taylor (Rockville UU Church) 

  • Engagement Lead: Jan Bird (UU Church of Annapolis),

  • Membership Lead: Betty McGarvie Crowley (UU Church of Annapolis)

  • Communications Lead: (vacant)

  • Funding Lead: (vacant)

While the Leadership Team will meet monthly and collectively make policy decisions, more broadly, UULM-MD's leadership also includes the Advocacy Team Leads for each Issue Area:

  • Medical Aid in Dying: Rev. Alexa Fraser

  • Immigration: Jim Caldiero (Channing)

  • Climate Change: Dr. Phil Webster (Columbia)

  • Criminal Justice Reform: Candy Clark (Annapolis)

  • Healthcare: Chris Hager, Co-lead (River Road)

  • Gun Violence: Ken Shilling

In addition, the Leadership Team will receive guidance and assistance from the new Council which will meet less frequently. Several members of the previous Board are remaining on the Council, including Rev. Amy Williams Clark (Cedarhurst UU) - liaison with the Poor People's Campaign, Don Chery (River Road UU Congregation), and Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon (River Road UU Congregation). The Leadership Team may invite others to join the Council as need arises.

Ashley Egan remains our Coordinator and is supervised by the Leadership Team.

We Need Your Support Today!

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