How Priority Issues are Chosen


Since it was organized in 2005, UULM-MD has based its criteria on the UULM-CA model which adopts three major issues and sometimes a fourth, usually an incubator/study issue.  UUA provided the framework for the decision making process which is based on grounding, accountability, fit, and opportunity.

An issue must:  

  • Support UU principles;

  • Be consistent with UUA Statements of Conscience, Statements of Immediate Witness, or Study Action Issues;

  • Involve at least one national UU organization (ex. UUA, UUSC, UUSANs) in any national issue;

  • Have widespread support of UUs in Maryland;

  • Have Maryland UU congregations or groups working on the issue;

  • Have a UU congregation or group willing to take the lead of a UULM-MD Task Force on the issue (follow issue; write up alerts & background; organize testimonies, rallies, and contacts, etc.; coordinate with other organizations involved in issue; disseminate info thru UULM-MD systems);

  • Have a UU from the Task Force willing to report regularly to the UULM-MD Board liaison, preferably the leader or co-leader of the Task Force;

  • Be a major issue to be considered by the Maryland General Assembly.  It must be a time when this issue is likely to move;

  • Have a lead group with expertise and resources with which UULM-MD can collaborate, for example, groups such as Health Care for All, Equality MD, MD Climate Coalition, Working Families, and Citizens Against State Executions;

  • Be an issue with which UULM-MD is willing to stay active long enough to become a reputable and reliable partner with other organizations.

There are two tiers of issues:

>>UULM-MD priority issues for the year;

>>Other UU-supported issues:  previous UULM-MD issues that are still active and issues supported either by MD UU congregations  or a national UU organization. 

The level of response, such as inclusion on the website and in social media, testimonies, joint letters, and other actions will be determined by the Board of Directors.

There is an Issue Proposal Form for UUs to submit to UULM-MD to suggest issues to be considered for each year.