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In 2020, Legislators debated and passed the Blueprint for Maryland. Unfortunately the bill was vetoed by Governor Hogan, but his veto was overridden in 2021. 

The Blueprint for Maryland is a bill based on the ground-breaking Kirwan Report- the result of a multi-year study of the BEST WORLDWIDE educational strategies. The Kirwan Commission took those recommendations and created a comprehensive overhaul of our educational system. The changes included:

  • The immense transformation of Early Childhood Education; 

  • The intense retraining of teachers and administrative personnel including the State and County Superintendents and Boards of Education.

  • The development of student career and college ready pathways including strategies and policies used by the top performing global systems. 

The cost of course is sobering. However, a deeper analysis shows the plan to be a solution that will produce huge economic benefits for MD. The Blueprint thoroughly addresses the causes of learning interferences which will result in smaller state budget costs for social assistance, incarceration, and welfare benefits. As the skilled student population enters the work force, more businesses will establish themselves in MD to connect with this high-level source of workers and other industries. Maryland is already a highly desirable place to live. More businesses mean more people and government revenue used to sustain healthier thriving communities. Data analysis reveals the Blueprint will generate a great income for the state. NOW is the time to invest in Maryland’s future to build a solid infrastructure for economic growth. We cannot afford to wait! 

Value Statement
Related Policy or Information
Every child should have a quality education to advance their opportunties for personal development and gainful employment
Maryland should adopt comprehensive and well researched legislation such as the "Blueprint for Maryland" to transform our current educational system to align with the top world class educational systems.
Children should be protected from harm motivated by racial animus
Local school systems need to take action to prevent hate crimes and other harmful acts of racism throughout all levels of Maryland schools.
Children should have equal access to resources needed for learning
Local school systems need to address inequities in education revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as access to computers and internet that are essential for remote learning.
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