UU Kids for a Livable Planet

Campaign Conclusion

The 2022 session may have ended but that doesn't mean the work stops here! We are happy to announce that Climate Solutions Now was officially enacted into law! The Environmental Human Rights Amendment was sadly not as successful and will be reintroduced in a later year when it hopefully will be passed. Use this page to read the final report on the 2022 campaign, view our advocacy videos, enjoy using our interactive environmental activities, and check out the wealth of resources below!

Check out our collection of UU Kids for a Livable Planet campaign videos from the 2022 session!

UU Kids featured in Environmental Human Rights Amendment hearing

On Wednesday 2/22 the voices of the kids from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia were heard in the committee hearing in the House of Delegates for the Environmental Human Rights Amendment. Below you can listen to the remarks made by  Delegate Marlon D. Amprey in response to our video.

Interactive Creative Session

Enjoying our climate action campaign videos? Well, you can make one too! Just follow along with the interactive video activities below to make your own UU Kids for a Livable Planet Video! 

Full Interactive Video Session

View the full version that was released during the campaign below. Although we are no longer collecting video submissions, these activities can still be used as a great resource for your congregation!

Campaign background

Unitarian Universalists who affirm and promote our Seventh Principle are gravely concerned about the planet and the future we are leaving to our children, grandchildren, and generations to come. Studies show that children and youth feel increasingly angry, fearful, demoralized, and even betrayed by adults.

This campaign will provide opportunities for children and youth to creatively express their feelings as well as their demands for a secure future, sustainable lifestyles, and environmental protection. It will also encourage and support participating congregations to offer prophetic preaching to support climate action, and pastoral care for teens (and their parents) who may feel stressed by climate change and disasters.

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“Inspiration through Information"

Starting your session off with an engaging and educational story, video or poem is a great way to give context to the issues while also getting your group excited to create their own work that speaks to climate justice.

“Creative Arts Session"

Introduce creative arts activities, writing prompt, or projects that allow your group to creatively express their ideas and concerns around the climate and other environmental issues.

Media Submissions

Encourage parents to submit photos and videos of their children's pieces and their children talking about the piece through the media submission and permissions form. try to include the phrase "I'm a UU kid for a livable planet."


Below are a few resources from recent UU Kids events. These can be used as templates or guides to assist in planning a session for your congregation's youth.

Here are a few more resources and support provided by UULM-MD

There will also be media curation and digital content creation by our campaign manager Montana Monardes

A Message From Our Campaign Manager

Hello, my name is Montana Monardes and I’ll be serving as the UU Kids for a Livable Planet campaign manager! This campaign is a chance for us to showcase the voices of our future through videos, art, poems, stories, songs, dance, and more. The campaign takes place during a pivotal time for environmental justice legislation. We will collect and curate digital media from multiple congregations and assemble them for use in legislative testimonies. We hope to inspire our legislators to act on climate change in response to the voices of our UU youth.


In order to gauge congregational interest and levels of assistance needed, we have put together a short survey. Please send this page to the DRE, minister, or climate activist in your congregation. Additionally, if you are able to do so, we are collecting donations to support our campaign goals. 


Montana Monardes