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UU Kids for a Livable Planet


Unitarian Universalists who affirm and promote our Seventh Principle are gravely concerned about the planet and the future we are leaving to our children, grandchildren, and generations to come. Studies show that children and youth feel increasingly angry, fearful, demoralized, and even betrayed by adults.

This campaign will provide opportunities for children and youth to creatively express their feelings as well as their demands for a secure future, sustainable lifestyles, and environmental protection. It will also encourage and support participating congregations to offer prophetic preaching to support climate action, and pastoral care for teens (and their parents) who may feel stressed by climate change and disasters.

Interactive Creative Session

Make your own UU Kids for a Livable Planet Video! 

Just follow along with the interactive video activities below. 

Full Interactive Video Session

View the 20 minute version that was released during the campaign here. Show it in its entirety, or consider using one or more of the short individual activities shown below, perhaps in RE classes or even by individual families at home! The invitation to record is optional, of course. A recording could be shown in worship or sent to for possible use in testimonies. 

“Inspiration through Information"

Starting your session off with an engaging and educational story, video or poem is a great way to give context to the issues while also getting your group excited to create their own work that speaks to climate justice.

“Creative Arts Session"

Introduce creative arts activities, writing prompt, or projects that allow your group to creatively express their ideas and concerns around the climate and other environmental issues.

Media Submissions

Encourage parents to submit photos and videos of their children's pieces and their children talking about the piece through the media submission and permissions form. Try to include the phrase "I'm a UU kid for a livable planet."