As the 2022 Statewide Elections approach, many UUs are asking how they can help to protect the democratic process and make a difference in promoting our values and positions on important issues. In addition to working for candidates of their choosing, they can join UULM-MD in promoting democracy by contacting us here or sending us a message at As a nonprofit organization, UULM-MD cannot support a candidate or party, but we can help register voters, educate candidates and voters on our issues, and help get voters to the polls. 

In 2020, we developed some strategies for moving forward while still under physical distancing restrictions, and we will continue to use remote technology for some activities in 2022. To assist Maryland congregations with this important work, we are rolling out a statewide strategy and helping to coordinate the efforts at local congregations. 

Since the most effective ways to increase voter turnout is direct, personal contact, developing relationships with potential voters is essential. While door-to-door canvasing is out for the moment, we will be asking UUs to reach out to everyone they know to: 

  • Find out how they are and what they may need (then connect them with those who can meet their needs) 

  • Emphasize the importance of the upcoming elections to hold our leaders accountable, and 

  • Ask if you can continue to touch base with them throughout election day in November. 

The last part is crucial since it could give us opportunities to engage in relational organizing, doing deeper dives about our shared values and building community. After developing these skills with people we know, we can then reach out beyond our circle of family and friends to engage potential voters both in Maryland and in other states. This year, we have partnered with the Reeb Project of All Souls Church in Washington DC, UUs For Social Justice, and the UU Legislative Ministry of Virginia to coordinate efforts with the UUA's UU the Vote campaign.

Finding ways of building online community and connection is an essential tool for our UU the Vote work, especially in this time of physical distancing. UULM-MD is planning to host regular statewide calls for Unitarian Universalists in Maryland who are working on voting rights and advocacy.  


  • Build a community of election activists among UU congregations 

  • Register voters in Maryland and other states in communities with low voter turnout, including: 

    • Communities of color (e.g. Latinx, African-American, Native American) 

    • Low-income communities often poorly supported by government (health care and income inequality are issues that frequently resonate here) 

    • People in areas where their values are in a minority and may feel that their votes do not make a difference (e.g. progressives in conservative states or districts)  

    • Youth (those only now eligible to vote) 

  • Provide activists with materials to encourage people to vote 

  • Provide effective educational information supporting our issues to share with candidates and voters 

  • Run an effective get-out-the-vote (GOTV) operation for 2022 election days.