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Bill Hearings Begin in Earnest

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

After a flurry of bill introductions last week, House and Senate committees have begun holding hearings, and our Criminal Justice Lead, Candy Clark, provided testimony on the first priority bill to be heard: HB 64 - Office of the Attorney General - Correctional Ombudsman.

The coming week will include several more priority bills related to many of our issue areas.

On Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee will hear testimony on a Climate Change bill, SB 19 – Equity in Transportation Sector, while also hearing a Healthcare bill, SB 59 – Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Small Employers - Special Enrollment Period and Marketing. Meanwhile, House Judiciary will be hearing two important Gun Violence bills, HB 259 – Gun Industry Accountability Act of 2023 and HB 162 Firearms - Maryland Voluntary Do Not Sell Firearm Registry - Establishment.

On Thursday, four committees will be hearing priority Climate and Health bills:

  • House Environment and Transportation - HB 9 – Equity in Transportation Sector (companion to SB 19)

  • Senate Finance – SB 26 - Maryland Medical Assistance Program, Maryland Children's Health Program, and Social Services Programs - Eligibility and Enrollment

  • Senate Education, Energy, and the Environment – SB 92 - Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2023

  • House Health and Government Operations – HB 279 - Prescription Drug Affordability Board - Upper Payment Limits

The hearing schedule is constantly changing, so we have posted a new table which we also update at least daily. The table shows only our priority bills scheduled. At this point, fifteen (15) more of our priority bills are already scheduled in addition to those coming up this week.

Anyone interested in providing testimony can do so in writing and/or verbally in person or remotely, as long as they are signed up in advance. Contact our Coordinator, Ashley Egan at if you want her to assist you in making your voice heard.

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