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Governor Holds Last Bill Signing Ceremony

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

On Tuesday, Mary 16, Governor Wes Moore held his final ceremony for signing into law bills passed by the 2023 Maryland Gerneral Assembly. Among those signed were several priority measures for UULM-MD, including major gun control legislation and an important immigration bill.

Gun violence prevention Issue Lead Ken Shilling (far left) and UULM-MD Advocacy Lead Steve Buckingham (fourth from right) were among those in the official photo for SB 858, SB 1 and HB 824. Standing in for Immigration Issue Lead Jim Caldiero, Steve also joined the group for the enactment of SB 211/HB 193.

The final list of priority bills can be found under "Current Status of Priority Bills" on this website. All of our priorities that passed have now been signed (with the exception of one companion bill (SB 144) that was vetoed as duplicative.

Earlier posts described the many other significant bills passed and signed by the Governor.

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