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Youth Advocacy

UU youth have the opportunity to share their expertise on Active Shooter or "Lockdown" drills. This year, Delegate Jared Solomon has requested our youth submit testimony, written or in-person to support HB 416/ SB 432- Public Schools - Active Shooter Safety Drills or Training.

What does the bill do?

The bill would standardize Active Shooter (Lockdown) Drills and ensure that they are utilizing trauma-informed practices. We want the state to develop the best practices for active shooter drills and reduce any trauma from active shooter(Lockdown) drills:

We believe that Active Shooter Drill Protocols should be evidence-based and trauma-informed: Schools should create age—and developmentally—appropriate drill content with the involvement of school personnel, including school-based mental health professionals

  • Research Effectiveness Of Drills:

  • The State should track data about the efficacy and effects of these drills.

  • Schools Should Provide Some Advanced Notice:

  • Where possible, schools should give students, parents and staff advance notice of upcoming drills. Educators and students should know when a drill is happening prior to the start of the drill.

  • Prioritize the Mental Health and Safety of Gun Violence Survivors:

  • Gun violence survivors can be re-traumatized by active shooter drills.

  • Protocols should rely on evidence-based recommendations for trauma-informed practices that account for their specific needs.

  • Ban Extreme Lockdown Drills:

  • Drills should not include simulations that mimic an actual incident.

  • We support this bill because we realize the need to change our national culture to restore public safety and responsible gun ownership. We need to have difficult conversations.

The First Step is to support non-partisan "non-gun" legislation.

The Second Step is to support best practices to reduce trauma, and to provide mental health and additional support to people affected by gun violence.

Our advocacy is LOVE in action.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Our Lawmakers Need to hear from you and UULM-MD is prepared to assist you in writing and submitting your testimony. We want youth testimony from many different counties. We are also reaching out to partnering organizations. If you need information, contact our Coordinator, Ashley Egan, at and she will get your request to who can best help you.

Important Dates

Please contact our coordinator, Ashley Egan to let her know that you are interested in submitting testimony. You can reach her via email at or DM our pages on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Testimony should be submitted to Ashley for initial editing by Friday, February 2nd.

Note: She will edit and format your testimony for submission, testimony will not be submitted without your consent and approval.

We will submit Testimony to the House on Monday, February 5th

We will submit Testimony for the Senate on Tuesday, February 6th.

The House and Senate will hold their Committee hearings for the bill on Wednesday, February 7th.

The House Committee will be held at the Ways and Means Committee at 1:00 pm

The Senate Committee will hold their hearing at the Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee at 2:00 pm.

If you would like to testify In-Person, please let us know so that we can work with you on the next steps.

Please note: The committee chair can limit the number of witnesses, if you are chosen to testify, you will get 1-2 minutes to deliver your testimony.

Thank you,

Ken Shilling

Gun Violence Prevention, Lead Advocate

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